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War Horse Tickets Curran Theater San Francisco

War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets

War Horse is the play based on the book and blockbuster film with the same name. The original novel was written in 1982. The stage adaptation however was twenty-five years in the making and did not make its debut until 2007. The play was an instant success. The sticky task of horse choreography was brilliantly executed by Toby Sedgwick and the original play was directed by Marrianne Elliot and Tom Morris. The play was so successful it led to a 2011 motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg. Now you can order War Horse Curran Theater tickets today.

War Horse is back on stage and is getting ready to display at the Curran Theater . Don't miss your chance to see the story that captured a nation last year in movie theaters everywhere. Order your War Horse Curran Theater tickets today. This beautiful and heart-wrenching story won't disappoint- order your War Horse Curran Theater tickets and watch this visually stunning play unfold.

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War Horse Tickets Curran Theater

War Horse Horse Curran Theatre Information:
War Horse is based on the 1982 novel of the same name. Set in Devon at the beginning of World War I, War Horse follows the story of Joey, the beloved horse of Albert Narracott. Joey is sold to the cavalry and shipped to France where he serves in the British and German armies. Joey befriends another war horse named Topthorn. He experiences enemy fire. The story of the War Horse counts the tale of war and hones in on what fears, diseases, deaths and emotional extreme in between that the cavalry horses experienced. Young Albert is unable to forget Joey and not being old enough to enlist in the army, we follow Albert on his dangerous and reckless endeavor to find Joey and bring him home.

War Horse as a play does a brilliant job in the horse choreography and the recreation of equine life. The puppetry involved manages to immerse the theatergoer without breaking the suspension of disbelief and distracting from this worthwhile story. The original London War Horse production won awards for Best Director and Best Designer by several Awards circles. The 2008 and 2010 War Horse productions took home numerous Laurence Olivier Awards. The Broadway production swept the 2011 awards all across the board for Best Lighting, Best Sound, Best Broadway Choreographer, Best Play, Best Direction of a Play, Distinguished Performance, and countless more.

The critics have spoken and the Awards stand to speak for the beauty of War Horse. You don't want to miss this incredible stage adaptation of the original novel and movie blockbuster hit. Check out War Horse Curran Theater tickets and order your seats today.

Purchasing War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets.
Click on the link above to purchase War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets. Ordering War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets early insures you a place in the general seating area of your choice. To order War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets securely online simply click the "Buy War Horse Tickets Curran Theater Tickets!" link above.

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